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Roermond: The famous outlet city of The Netherlands. We hope you enjoy your time in Roermond. But without drivers license? That is no option! We are here for all expats and internationals that want are looking for an international driving school in Roermond. We are ready to welcome you!

driving lessons in Roermond

Driving school in Roermond

In the city of Roermond there is more and more going on. This brings a lot of expats and internationals to this city. And you are one of them. Are you looking for a driving school in Roermond that is teaching in English? You are on the right page! 

After many years of experience, we have noticed that there is not enough help for internationals to get their drivers license. There are many Dutch driving schools in Roermond, but do they speak English? And are they able to teach in English? Well… We are!

Driving school Roermond is the largest driving school in Roermond, focused on expats, internationals and students. Start driving lessons with us and experience quality and joy at the same time. We have male and female instructors available. 

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All our driving instructors speak proper English. This means that they are able to give the lessons in English without issue. Do you want to have your driving lessons in Roermond in another language? Then you can feel free to ask for it. We have some internationals working in our driving school. The main languages that we speak are Dutch and English. If you want to have your driving lessons outside of Roermond, you can also ask for it. 

Prices driving school Roermond

Check out our price list above. These prices can change. If you apply to our driving school in Roermond, you pay the price of that moment. Our driving school in Roermond has the same prices as we have in all the other cities. 

Do you want to start your driving lessons in Roermond this week? Then fill in the trial lesson forum above so our team will get back to you! Our driving school in Roermond is available in the whole province of Limburg. 

CBR Driving lessons Roermond

driving school in Roermond
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driving lessons in Roermond
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Driving school car theory in Roermond

Our driving school in Roermond can also help you with your car theory exam. We always advice our students to start with their car theory before they spend all their driving lessons. To pass for your car theory exam we suggest you to use the course of Theorie Ster. This is a theory school that you can not only use in Roermond but everywhere you are. You can check out a sample on this page. 

Start with our driving school in Roermond and pass in one go for all your CBR exams!

Car theory sample

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Driving lessons in Roermond

If you are looking for a place to start your driving lessons in Roermond, you are on the place to be! Driving school Roermond is specialized in instructing English students, internationals and expats. Our driving lessons can be in Roermond and surroundings. With our high success rate, we can tell you very proud that we are the best international driving school of Limburg!

CBR in Roermond

CBR is the place where you will have to make all your exams. Your car theory exam and your practical exam will both take place in the CBR of Roermond. CBR is located in almost all cities of The Netherlands. Our driving school in Roermond will register your name and apply for all your exams in Roermond, or another city. Start with our driving school in Roermond and pas for all your exams!

How does our driving school work?

We are all students. Our students are learning from us how to drive a car, and we are learning from our students how to instruct. Do you have comments, advice or do you simply want to teach us something else? We listen! We want you to drive your way! Apply to our driving school in Roermond and start with your lessons as soon as you want to have your drives license!

The best driving school in Roermond

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Driving lessons in a manual car

Driving lessons in an automatic car

Theory lessons

The special method of our driving school helps student in Roermond to pass for their drivers license. We always apply the method that fits the best for you. You have the possibility to do everything in your own tempo.

The driving lessons in Roermond are ideal to learn how to drive, but also to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Roermond.

We divide the course in several steps. We always start with an intake. This is very important because before your driving lessons in Roermond start, you have to be sure that you are in the right place! After we both agreed that we are the right partners, we directly schedule the first lessons. We also directly start with the theory course. To pass for your drivers license, you first have to make a car theory exam. 

To know how many lessons you need, you first have to do a trial lesson. We send our most experienced instructor to the trial lesson to be sure that we can match the student to the right course. 

One driving lesson takes 50 minutes with our driving school in Roermond. We also offer two hours in a row. Some of our students want to finish their course in a short time because they need their drivers license for their work or another reason. We understand this and can always hear the wishes of our students.

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What Our Students Have to Say

Good driving lessons. It's just a pity that they don't give driving lessons during corona. Hopefully I get my driver's license in 1x after corona!
Olivier de Beer
From Maastricht, Holland
Best driving school in Amsterdam! Thanks for the lessons Sonja!
Zasha Swan
From Australia
Good Driving school. always on time at the lesson and good instructions
Frank Jones
From Japan
Thanks for the good lessons my friends!! Hope to see you in a bar in Amsterdam. Cheers!
Jack Brownn
From London, UK

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Driving school in Roermond

Our driving school in Roermond is orientated on results. Check out our way of thinking below.

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Other driving schools in Roermond

From all the driving schools in Roermond, we are the only driving school that is focused on expats and internationals. We have made a list of other driving schools in Roermond. Make sure your driving school fits to your wants!

  1. ABN Driving school
  2. ANWB Driving school

Where in Roermond do you pick me up for my driving lesson?

Before you start with our driving school in Roermond, we ask you to inform us about the locations that we can pick you up and drop you off. As long as it is in Roermond, the exact location does not matter.  All driving lessons will be in Roermond and Herten. The reason for this is that your exam will also be in Roermond and Herten so you need to get used to the roads.

Automatic driving lessons in Roermond

Our driving school in Roermond also has automatic cars. We advice all students to pass for their drivers license in a manual car. This has a couple of reasons. First of all, if you pass for your drivers license in a manual car, you are allowed to drive both, manual and automatic. If you pass for your license in an automatic car, you are only allowed to drive automatic cars. 

Driving license Roermond

After you have finished your driving lessons, you will do your exams together with our driving school in Roermond. After you have passed for all your exams, you need to pick up your drivers license. After you have picked up your drivers license, you will be allowed to drive your car. You need to pick up your drivers license from the Gemeente Roermond.

Driving school in roermond
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